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The Shark vacuum cleaner this article will be looking at more closely is that Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away Bagless vacuum. We use information from the Shark site as well as customer reviews to give an informed overview of the Shark Rotator vacuum cleaner, what it can do and whether it is worth purchasing.

Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away Review

Shark-Rotator-Professional-Lift-AwayThis vacuum cleaner is basically a combination of a canister unit and an upright hoover all in one. It comes with a large number of cleaning tools to meet any cleaning need a person might have from things to help with upholstery cleaning, stairs, curtains, a crevice tool, rug tool, hard surface tool and a power brush tool. It has lights to help light up where you are cleaning for those darker places like under tables and it weighs in at around 16lbs. While this means it is not the heaviest cleaner out there, it is certainly not lightweight.

Some of its pros include;
•    Works well on hard floors as well as carpeted floors
•    Quiet when on
•    Has a filter that is washable rather than having to buy replacements
•    Easy to put together
•    Good at removing embedded dirt
•    Air performance is good even at the end of the hose
•    Has a dust container that is easy to empty and does not create further mess
•    Canister is detachable for when you want to move around the home
•    Has anti-allergen complete seal technology
•    The dust cup has a large capacity
•    Powerful suction
•    Swivel steering to allow easier vacuuming around obstacles like furniture
•    Premium cleaning tools included
•    Power cord is long at 30 feet
•    Price is fair
•    When in brush roller mode it has power assisted gliding
•    Release and power buttons all within practical reach

Owners who have reviewed this Shark hoover have reported mostly positive experiences. A cat owner with 8 animals reported no problems with the vacuum getting up all of the cat hair on her carpets. Even when vacuuming with a full dust container there does not seem to be any loss in the suction power. Despite weighing almost 16lbs it feels light to use and because it is so quiet it means even if you are a shift worker, or have something to clear up at unusual hours you can do so in an apartment and not worry about neighbors or other members of the house being bothered.

Criticisms of the shark hoover include;
•    Pulling on the hose too much when trying to use the tools can cause the cleaner to fall over.
•    If you or your pets have long hair the spinning brushes can need frequent cleaning to cut away the strands wrapped around them.
•    Though the lights on the hoover are useful they could be brighter to make them a lot more useful.
•    While the claim is the hose is flexible some consumers find it stiff and feel it does not stretch as much as promised.
•    The crevice tool can be somewhat annoying when it bends in random directions as you try to use it.
•    Not all of the tools actually store on the vacuum cleaner so you need extra storage space for them.
•    One consumer reported that due to there not being a 3 prong plug on this cleaner (missing the ground wire) they received static shocks from static charges that built up with use.
•    The power cord does not rewind.
•    Some consumers have not had a good response from the Shark warranty team so if you want an extended warranty it may be better to buy from the vendor.

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