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More people are buying Roomba vacuum cleaners as their main floor cleaner. Some like the fact they can leave the house and the floors will still be done, some like the futuristic nature, some just like having the latest in gadgets and technology. But there are things you could be doing to make sure you are using them as efficiently as possible. So here are a few tips to get the most out of your Roomba vacuum cleaners.


  1. Try to not create narrow spaces. Ideally you want your room and the parts of it twice as wide as the Roomba or a lot thinner than it. You do not want areas that are just a tiny bit bigger than the robotic cleaner as it can then get stuck in that space. Sometimes it can get itself out and sometimes it cannot. To avoid this use items to block those spaces or remove furniture or items to make the space wider. When you first use the cleaner it is a good idea to follow it around and see where (if any) it has issues so you can fix them straight away.
  2. Maintain the cleaner regularly. You should still be looking after your cleaner on a regular basis even if it is a hand off cleaner. Once a week or at least once a month check the brushes and give them a clean. This will make it more efficient as it cleans and get more life out of your battery.
  3. A tidy room makes a Roomba happier. While they can move around items the more you have scattered over the floor, the less cleaning they are actually achieving. For the best cleaning performance pick up before it is scheduled to clean. At the very least you can put it on the sofa till it is done!
  4. Make sure it can get into each room. Things that can cause difficulty for the Roomba to enter a room include steps leading up or down or thick shag carpeting. If you have a lot of rooms that the Roomba will not be able to enter by itself this means you need to lift it into each room, or re-consider the buy!
  5. Keep the charging station somewhere central and easy to find. For models that return to the charging station when the battery charge is low it is best to have it within easy reach. Avoid having the station behind a piece of furniture as that may affect the Roomba’s ability to detect it. Rather put it in a corner that has nothing in front of it, or perhaps under a table as long as chairs are not in the way of the return path. If you are interested in other Roomba vacuum cleaners in the series, you can check out Roomba reviews to find the best robotic vacuum cleaner.
  6. Clear a space in the center of the room. When it first starts the Roomba tends to work in spiral pattern unless this is interrupted by furniture or a wall. If you make sure the middle of the room has space for the cleaner to start its spiral it will cover a larger surface when cleaning and perform more efficiently.

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