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Eureka Altima 2991AVZ Vacuum Cleaner Review

This is a review of the Eureka Altima 2991AVZ bagless upright cyclonic vacuum cleaner. If you are looking for a new vacuum and are trying to compare models to see which best suits you, this article can help you assess how effective the Eureka Altima is and whether it is value for money. Having clear reviews can help narrow down the right vacuum for your needs.


eureka-altima-2991avzAs mentioned this is a bagless cleaner so no need to buy new bags or deal with a loss in suction when the bag is approaching full. It has a HEPA filter which is important especially for people who have allergies, or who have someone in the household with allergies. It means it filters even tiny dust particles and prevents any from being released back into the air as you clean. It has a 15 inch cleaning path so is good for larger floors and comes with trademarked technology like a turbo nozzle with Riser Visor and Power Raw as well as a seal-cleaning telescopic duster that attracts dust as you clean.

It can be used on various floor surfaces but can also be used to clean more delicate areas like furniture, curtains and hard to reach places as well as stairs thanks to the selection of cleaning tools you can get with it. These include your standard tools like a crevice tool, a stair tool and dusting brush which all fit onto the body of the vacuum so there is no need to find extra storage. One thing to bear in mind is that it does not fight pet odor like the Eureka Boss 4D pet fresh cleaner, but it is still effective at picking up pet hair.


One issue that some might have with this vacuum cleaner is its weight. At almost 21lbs it is on the heavy side for a residential cleaner and so some might struggle to push that around every day, and may especially find maneuvering it harder around furniture and so on. The cord length is a fairly standard 30 feet in length and the shell is made from a durable plastic that can handle being used on a regular basis without showing too much wear and tear.


Its appearance is attractive coming in dark gray and red but since you can see through the dirt cup it means when it starts to fill it does look dirty and may need a cleaning now and then. The Eureka Altima 2991AVZ has a large single motor system rather than the two motors some higher priced but comparable designs have. If you compare it to higher priced models you are going to find it lacking in some areas. It does not have as much suction power and consumers have reported there is a tendency for clogging to occur in the hose because of the way it loops over the handle. Also you may need to take more care of the filters because they too may need more frequent cleaning to prevent them blocking than other models need.

The fact is this is a very basic model and is sold at a very low price. While this does not always mean issues, in this case it does. Other problems reported by existing customers are that suction is less when the dirt cup has only been used one two times, there can be a burning smell from the beater bar ends, belts have broken and accessories are flimsy and have broken in some cases. Also some users with hardwood floors have said that the dirt is not picked up.

While this machine looks good on paper when you read the specs and what it is meant to do and you look at its price, there are some big issues with it too. While you obviously need to buy a vacuum cleaner that is within your means it may be a better idea to keep saving in the case of the Eureka Altima and wait till you can buy a more reliable model.

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