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In this review, we have taken various Electrolux vacuum cleaner reviews and put them together to give a summary about some of the main models on offer by this company. You can find several types of vacuum cleaners nowadays but some of the main types are upright, canister and lightweight models. There are various options to select from depending on what you need from basic models up to those more expensive with all the extra features. If you have settled on Electrolux and are trying to narrow down to a model, or you just want to compare to other models you are considering this is a great way to do so.

You should know that Electrolux are certainly one of the top designers and innovators in vacuum cleaner design. It was this company that were the first to put on the market a commercially available home cleaning vacuum that only needs to be turned on and then does all the cleaning for you, the Trilobite. Other models until then only worked via the bump and turn method where you left it on and eventually the machine might bump and turn and vacuum the entire floor. But the Trilobite is different as it has a computer on board that remembers the layout of the room and works in the most efficient way to clean it without touching anything so your items are all protected.

But while such a cleaner is innovative it does have some limitations and it is expensive. Most people are going to opt for the more standard canister, upright or lightweight cleaner. Here is a look at some of those Electrolux vacuum cleaners reviews looking specifically at three of their upright models.

Top Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners

The Electrolux Aptitude EL5010

electrolux-aptitude-el5010This is a quiet vacuum cleaner great for people living in apartments or for those with partners who are shift workers who want to sleep while you want to vacuum. You can use a sliding switch found on the handle to alter the speed of the brush roll. The handle itself is designed to be ergonomic and is looped. There are seven settings for carpet height but unfortunately on this particular model this is not done automatically, you need to select the most suitable one. It also comes with a HEPA filter ensuring even tiny particles are kept from escaping and it has a 12 amp motor. The hose reaches to a length of 15 feet for reaching up, doing the stairs or the curtains for example. It has a sleek design and comes with tools that fit on board.

The Electrolux Oxygen 3 EL5035

electrolux-oxygen-el5035This machine’s big selling point is the sealed HEPA filter which is claimed to be one of the better ones on the market right now. You can adjust the height manually to clean different types of flooring from hardwood to carpet, as well as different types of carpet. The cleaning width is a generous 15 inches so it is good for large rooms and it has a 12 amp motor. It comes at a very fair price too in fact it is probably this model that offers the most for the money you will pay.

The Electrolux Intensity EL5020

electrolux-intensity-el5020This too comes with the HEPA filter, has a 15inch cleaning path and has a 12 amp motor but this model is a foldaway upright. Its appearance is a little different to most for that reason as it has a lower section that looks more like a canister vacuum cleaner and then a handle in the shape of a wishbone. But the idea is you can fold it away when it is not in use, great for those with limited storage. However keep in mind that with this model the dust bag is on the small side at only 1 quart capacity compared to the Aptitude which has four times that. But this model is clearly designed for smaller homes, apartments or studios with its foldaway nature, and therefore a larger dust bag may not be needed. One thing to consider though is its price. This is one of the more expensive models despite being a smaller one, so unless that foldaway option is absolutely something you need, you may want to look elsewhere if price is a factor.

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