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A lot of people believe that money can solve almost anything. If you want the best of anything you have to pay for it, the more you pay the better that thing must be. However in reality as a consumer more powerful than your money in some cases is your knowledge or your willingness to do some research. That is true when comparing the main types of vacuum cleaner. If you are trying to buy a new vacuum your first approach should be to teach yourself what you can about them. This way you can know what your needs are, what other consumers have to say and compare what each machine offers.


Sanyo vacuum cleaner

What is a vacuum cleaner and what do you need from it? At its basic use it is a machine that helps clean by sucking up dirt, debris, pet hair and so on. They have been one of the primary tools used in cleaning in most household for many years now and are far more effective than taking out the rug and giving it a beating! In those years wall to wall carpeting became possible and there have been many innovations and advances to entice consumers into purchasing, becoming more powerful and effective than ever.

We all have different needs though when it comes to the type of vacuum cleaner that would best suit us. Some have small spaces to clean with furniture that needs to be navigated. Some need lighter machines, some want stronger suction or something suited to heavy duty use or pet hair. Some need a cordless machine, some with allergies need HEPA filters. When doing your research think about what your needs are. Take a note of what is on offer now, especially if it has been a long time since you last purchased one!

There are a lot of vacuum cleaners on the market of varying sizes, styles and designs. If you are interested to read the review of the different vacuum cleaners, you can check out VacuumPick vacuum cleaner reviews. While it is not limited to the following examples, these are four of the main types of vacuum cleaners you will come across in your research.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

  1. Upright – A traditional vacuum cleaner, there are many manufacturers of uprights today and this is a common machine you can find in many households. However usually uprights tend to be heavy and less maneuverable and a bit clunky in size though inventors are trying to get around that problem. Be aware lighter versions of upright vacuum cleaners can be less steady. In order to reach awkward places like under furniture you will probably have to use attachments or tools.
  2. Canister – More portable than an upright vacuum the canister vacuum cleaner comes with a long hose so you do not have to move the whole machine as you clean. This means it is easier to use if an upright is too heavy, and a canister can reach in more awkward spots if you are able to bend and move around yourself. They can be just as effective at cleaning as an upright but that hose can get plugged.
  3. Robotic – The third of our main types of vacuum cleaner is the robotic vacuum cleaner. Cutting edge in technology it is like having your own robotic servant coming out to do the vacuuming when you have programmed it to do so. They are efficient but if you are shy of current technology hey may not be for you as they are more complex than other options. Another downside is you will still need something for those times when you need to lift furniture and clean underneath it and for the stairs.
  4. Cordless – The advantage of opting for cordless cleaners are that you do not have to keep unplugging and plugging in the cord as you move around the house, there is no cord to get in the way or trip you, they tend to be lighter than uprights and they are maneuverable. The downside is many are not very powerful and if you do not follow the charging directions properly you can get poorly charged batteries, or batteries that need replacing far too soon.